According to sources, Trump is said to be ‘livid’ this morning and ‘screaming at everybody’ after a pitiful performance by Republicans in the midterms.



The ‘Red Wave’ Trump had touted failed to appear as Democrats won some key States. While results in key swing states like Arizona and Georgia are still pending, many are calling Trump the biggest loser of the night with Republicans instead supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who is widely believed to announce a presidential run soon.



Even the Fox News White House Correspondent was among journalists citing Republican sources on Wednesday who said it was time for Trump to go.

‘GOP source tells me ‘if it wasn’t clear before it should be now. We have a Trump problem,’ she tweeted.

One of Trump’s own advisers was cited by CNN saying Trump’s candidates were ‘bad’.

‘They were all bad candidates. Candidates matter,’ they said.

Other Republicans agree, saying it was time to move on from Trump.


‘This is a pivot point for the Republican party. Donald Trump is no doubt in the rearview mirror. It is time to move on with the party,’ Geoff Duncan, the Republican Lt. Governor of Georgia, told CNN.



And CNN’s Jim Acosta posted this: