A German tourist decided that he wanted a selfie with the famous 16th-century fountain in Florence so in the middle of the night he climbed over the protective barrier around the monument and posed on the statue while two friends, who remained on the other side of the barrier, took photos of him.

The police report reads: “With a jump he then climbed onto the horse’s leg, reaching the base of the carriage and, after having some photos taken by his friends, he climbed down. During the descent he placed his foot again on the hoof, damaging it. As soon as the alarm went off, however, the young man had already managed to escape with the two others.”

The city estimates the damage to the statue is around $5,400.

The idiot tourist, who has not been named, can be identified through the surveillance footage, however.

The tourist will be charged under a city penal code that prohibits the “destruction, dispersion, deterioration, disfigurement, soiling or illicit use of cultural or landscape assets.”

And hopefully banned from the city.