We get tons of products that claim they’ll prevent hangovers. Some you take before toasting, others are for the morning after.



The latest ‘miracle cure ‘ is Toast gummies that promise a better morning, with instructions to take before a night of imbibing. ( $39.99 for a package of 12.)

So we took the five recommended gummies (one pouch) which are supposedly  ‘berry flavored’ but left a sour aftertaste that we couldn’t get rid of. (We made two friends try them and one called them ‘nasty’ and the other said there was ‘no way’ they’d ever chew on one again, let alone take FIVE.)

To make it a ‘scientific’ test we didn’t take our usual go-to — a fizzy Berroca before retiring after a GNO– and the next morning was predictably gruesome.

So far, we have yet to discover anything that works better than hydrating while drinking (one glass of water for every drink) and taking vitamins and a Berocca fizzy before sleep.



But we have noticed that all of these hangover remedies have something in common — the ingredients Milk Thistle (which supports liver health) and L-Cysteine, a sulfur amino acid critical to metabolism. So we bought both those supplements (available on Amazon) and have added them to our routine. Can’t hurt; might help.

Though everyone is different, these  TOAST gummies did not work for us.