I typically don’t like ‘coming of age’ films as they all feel predictable— however a mind can be changed.

‘The Edge of Seventeen’ is the story of Nadine (played beautifully by ‘True Grit[ Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld.)  Nadine is a 17- year old outsider, who is wise beyond her years with a quick wit, a smart mouth and a deep sadness.

After her life takes a hard left turn, her BFF begins to date her handsome perfect brother, Darian (played by the talented Blake Jenner) and Nadine unravels.  The theme of ‘loss’ permeates the story as Nadine wades through life’s turbulent waters to understand herself as well as the people around her.


Kyra Sedgwick is the mom who needs a mom, Haley Lu Richardson is the loyal best friend, and Hayden Szeto is the nerdy hot guy who just wants to kiss Nadine. Woody Harrelson is outstanding in a small roll as the ‘seen it all’ history teacher—his one -liners had me laughing out loud.  The cast is tight and perfect—as is the script.

The Edge of Seventeen was written and directed by newcomer Kelly Fremon Craig, who spent six months interviewing teens to get the right tone for her story.

Hailee Steinfeld, as Nadine, took my breath away. (BTW, a thousand girls auditioned for this role!)

The Edge of Seventeen breathes new life in to an old theme—and regardless of age or gender—you’ll love it.

It’s currently in theaters—check your local listings.


Lisa DiGiovine

Lisa DiGiovine

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Lisa DiGiovine is a yacht owning, Ph.d with a trust fund and a penchant for lying--except when it comes to movies. She loves them. She worships them and outside of a good glass of wine and a date with her boyfriend and a cuddle with her pets---can be found mesmerized in a dark theatre in the back row--losing herself in a marvelous adventure. Lisa is an unscripted TV producer with 3 Emmy nominations and a delirious sense of humor.

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