Every sport has its diehard fans and so it is with basketball. The only problem is, if fans could have their way, there wouldn’t be an off-season! They’d have their favourite teams in the league play twelve months out of the year with maybe a holiday for Christmas and a summer trip with the family. Since this is not the case, fans find themselves suffering through those long summer months until the start of season once again in October.



With an off season that is for all intents and purposes four months long, NBA fans resort to finding ways to enjoy their teams and that is usually in gaming. Are you looking for a way to enjoy basketball throughout those empty months from mid-June to mid-October? Why not check out the five most popular NBA themed games at your favourite online casino!



1. Slam Dunk

Although these NBA themed casino games are not ranked in any way, you will find that four of the five are pokies, or slots as they are often called in many parts of the world. If there is just one star that is best known around the world, it would be Michael Jordan. There isn’t an NBA fan who doesn’t know the name and recognise all the records he set in his day. No, he is not active and hasn’t been for many years, but he’s still one of the most revered Hall of Famers.



With that said, Slam Dunk is a slots game developed by iSoftBet and it’s built around the Space Jam film of 1996 in which Jordan was featured in his heyday. Keep in mind that other Hall of Famers grew up idolising this amazingly talented player and soon you might even see another slots game featuring LeBron James based on a movie that is set to be released featuring LeBron.

2. Basketball Star

If you are looking for online slots games developed by the big daddy of game development, Microgaming, this would be the place to start. With that said, Basketball Star has become one of the most popular NBA themed games partly because it appeals to fans but mostly because of Microgaming’s hi-tech graphics. This is one company that always has amazing offerings and there is never a complaint with the action or technology.


As a case in point, the slots rows feature more than still icons in a line as the virtual wheel is spun. Each of the symbols are animations which makes it all the more interesting to play and watch. The symbols are all relevant to basketball and so you can expect balls, hoops, gold medals, courts and so forth. While Basketball Star doesn’t actually feature any stars, you can fantasise on being that star with each and every spin.

3. Dennis Rodman

Now here is a game based on a Hall of Famer who made NBA history as more than just a great player and one of the best ever power forwards playing in the Jordan – Pippen – Rodman trio of greats. They formed the basis of the Bulls that won three titles in three consecutive years during their four years playing together from 1995 to 1998. Their head coach was none other than Phil Jackson who coached the Bulls from 1989 to 1998 and during his tenure with Chicago won a number of titles and championships with, and for, his team. It should be noted here that there was some animosity between the three in the very beginning but that didn’t stop them from becoming a record-setting trio never before, or since, seen in the NBA.



Anyone of an age to have watched this player with as much personality as talent on the court will absolutely love the symbols on this slots game developed by Playtech. They are all based on his extremely colourful public life and so you can expect icons that even feature his often-radical hairstyles and colours. Say what you want about Rodman, but he brought a smile to the face of anyone who ever watched his antics on, and off, the court. Don’t forget to look for those crazy symbols looking back at his equally radical attire!

4. Slam Funk Scratchcard

Although this isn’t a slots casino game, it’s NBA based and loads of fun as well. As another offering from an industry great, Microgaming, this particular NBA themed game resembles the nostalgic early days of scratch card lotteries. It’s just as exciting to do a bit of online scratching as it is spinning a slots wheel but it’s the ‘atmosphere’ that is most appealing about Slam Funk Scratchcard.




One of the reasons why this game is so appealing to gamers is the fact that everything about it is retro. Not only do the scratch card plays bring you back to the time when many areas began raising revenue for governments, but the music takes you back a generation as well. The game is played to music from the disco era and although you don’t see Travolta on the disco floor, the music will take you down memory lane to that era in culture and gaming.

5. Money Shot Slot

Have you ever dreamed of being able to make those slam dunks or three-pointers but were never quite able to do either consistently? This is an NBA-themed slots game you can ‘play’ during the months when basketball has taken a hiatus. If you are among those who wish that basketball season would never take such a long break, here’s your chance to keep the game going – at least in your ‘home’ court!



After all, you tend to watch games live on an internet connection, don’t you? This makes it possible to never miss a game even when you are away from that large-screen TV at home. You probably often watch live games on your handy laptop or mobile phone so that you don’t miss any of the season’s action. Why not keep that connectivity going to try your hand at shooting a hoop or two or collecting some of those collectibles of Rodman’s? The season doesn’t need to end if you can keep the game in overtime!