Back On My Feet

This remarkable organization aims to help homeless people through running. Yes, one mile at a time they help build confidence, provide community, and get people off the street. This Giving Tuesday your donation will be tripled. And you’ll feel wonderful. Guaranteed.




Make a loan, change a life. With Kiva, you can send as little as $25 (a micro loan, if you will) and completely transform an individual’s life. Pick a cause you care about — for us, it’s helping women in third world countries — and change a life today. Just for today, eBay Foundation is matching every donation so act quickly!



National Wildlife Federation.

Gifts that make a difference. For anyone who wants to protect wildlife (that would be most of us) you can shop their gift center for all sorts of unique gifts, such as wild bird feeders — or give Uncle Fred a wolf.

By symbolically adopting an animal, you help protect the species and let the National Wildlife Federation continue its essential work.

The recipient gets an adoption kit, and the NWF plants a tree that helps restore wild places that nurture wildlife.

We adopted this adorable Arctic Fox ($25.) Our doxies didn’t seem to mind.



Dachshunds And Friends Rescue.

Save a life.

This rescue group is special for us since we adopted our loveable Ginger Bread doxie from them. They do amazing work rescuing (mostly) doxies, getting them medical care and finding them forever homes.

For GivingTuesday Nov 30, Meta will match $8 million in qualifying donations. Tell them Ginger sent you.


Food Banks.

After a two-year pandemic, food banks are more in need of donations than ever. To find your local helper, just go to Feeding America where you plug in your zip code and regional food banks pop up. What could be better than feeding the hungry?




What are your favorite charities?