Improve your English skills with our easy-to-follow guide on learning English from movies. From Hollywood blockbusters to indie films, our expert tips will help students of all levels to develop their language skills and achieve fluency. 

Easy Advice for Students to Learn English From Movies

Given the prevalence of English films, it makes sense that many individuals would desire to master this language. Countless films can help advance linguistic skills. It’s a fun way to spend leisure time, they allow hearing accurate English spoken at native speeds, and you can become accustomed to other cultures and environments without leaving your home. But how can you ensure you take advantage of all the tremendous language-learning opportunities that movies offer? Don’t worry; there are simple tips to get the most out of your film-watching experience. Keep reading to discover more about how to pick up movies to learn English and get better at it!


Movies to Learn English: How-to Tips 

The majority of people find English class uninteresting. They believe it is hard and painful. But actually, mastering English can be easy. Using movies is one of the top tools for studying since they expose you to various dialects and slang terms used in everyday speech. These offer fantastic illustrations of how expressions are utilized in typical settings. Also, they give the ability to observe and hear the language as it is produced by native speakers, which makes it easier for you to assimilate.

It is helpful and easy to watch movies for learning English in one’s free time and pick up new vocabulary, learn how to use more complex sentences and improve pronunciation. The best part is that it can be done from home and on a suitable schedule, so you don’t have to wait for a class or join a group.

When you watch a film, you can opt for the difficulty level. If you’re just starting off, pick up an easy movie with a simple plot and explicit dialogue. Choose an action picture with fast-paced dialogue and complex words if you are more advanced. And the best part is that films don’t judge if you don’t comprehend everything!

Some Great Movies for English Learners

Mastering linguistic abilities is not only studying the language. It’s also about diving into culture, which can be difficult to grasp from a textbook or classroom. English learning movies are a pleasant and exciting method to learn a language and culture. Some of the best movies for learning English are listed below:

  • My Fair Lady (1964)

This classic film is an adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. In My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) asks Professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) to teach her how to speak like a lady, so she can pass as a member of high society. Along the way, they fall in love while teaching each other lessons about life and love. The film has excellent acting and dialogue that will help you improve your speaking skills and strengthen your vocabulary. You’ll also learn some interesting facts about British history!

  • The King’s Speech (2010)

This film is one of the best movies to learn English and to improve your public speaking skills. It tells the story of King George VI and his struggle with a stammer. The movie stars Colin Firth as the king and Geoffrey Rush as his speech therapist. It won an Oscar for Best Picture in 2011 and was nominated for 12 others.


  • The Help (2011)

This is also an excellent variant of movie for learning English. It is set in Mississippi during the civil rights movement and tells the story of three women who work as maids for white families in 1960s Mississippi. The story focuses on Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, who decides to write a book about these women’s experiences working for white families. At the same time, they were barred from many aspects of society because they were black. This film is excellent for upgrading reading comprehension because it has subtitles!

English Learning Movies: 5 Pointers to Master English Through Film

Using a movie to learn English can be a simple and pleasant way to advance one’s linguistic abilities. Listed below are some suggestions for mastering linguistic skills through films:

  • Opt for subtitled films— not dubbed versions — because they allow you to read along with what’s being said on screen. In such a way, you can focus on decoding the text while your eyes follow what’s happening onscreen.
  • Set aside time each day or week to watch an entire film without distractions like TV or others talking (or even on the phone, scrolling). Ensure there’s no other noise in the room, so you can hear all the dialogue clearly without straining yourself or risking missing something important!
  • Pick up movies that are suitable for your level. The greatest films for beginners are those with more straightforward stories and dialogue.
  • Listen for key phrases and vocabulary. Make a note of any new words or phrases.
  • Take note of the surroundings. Try to grasp the context of the dialogue the characters are using.


Speaking English more fluently can be achieved through watching movies. It is an enjoyable and exciting approach to immersing in the process entirely. There are numerous resources to aid with the beginning. You may start learning English via movies right now with some work.