Many skin care products contain chemicals and fragrances which your skin doesn’t need …and can cause inflammation. That was Jeanne Retief’s problem so she did what any woman would do with a degree in cosmetic chemistry and created her own line called ‘Figgi Beauty.’

Holistic and gentle, all the products work in concert to nourish skin without upsetting your skin’s delicate balance.

Figgi CEO Jeanne Retief.


Enriched with ceramides, niacinamide, and moisturizing agents, the products balance your natural PH and help restore some of that glow we lose as we age or use chemicals on our face.

They also contain Rooibos, a new wonder herb from South Africa that has been found to have powerful anti-aging properties. (Many people drink the Rooibos herb tea for the same reason.)


Meant to be a minimalist line of just four products, there are two gentle cleansers, a day cream, and a night ‘rescue’ cream which helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

$129 for the entire Figgi line.


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