For the Mom that loves her wine. (Didn’t we put that delicately? )



Badass Mom Wine –  Mama Needs It Gift Set

Price: Under $40

For the expecting mamas that still want their glass of rosé. Badass Mom Wine is the go-to zero-alcohol wine brand offering everyone from pregnant moms to breastfeeding mothers a sparkling, guilt-free glass of rosé for a reasonable price. It’s fizzy and light, just without the buzz.

Drop It Wine Drops.


While we’re on the topic of wine (our favorite theme) these Drop it Wine Drops eliminate the dreaded vino headache by removing the tannins and sulfites in wine, the criminals responsible for those headaches the next day. And it’s the only all-natural product on the market to do this.

For the Mom who likes to picnic with a tasty Chardonnay, this special gift package is perfect! The insulated backpack cooler keeps wine and cheese cold and comes with 4 bottles of the drops, 2 big bottles of Drop It (ie. for wine tastings), plus two stem-less glasses. $84.

‘Cause Momma needs her wine!



Etsy has some wonderful gifts for Mom, like this crown necklace, to remind her she is the QUEEN! $29.99. Who wouldn’t love that ? (Hint, hint.)



Badass Mamma T-shirt in a wide range of colors. Prices vary according to size but a medium is $26. If you got it, flaunt it.


Mom mug

You do the math. $14.99