We’ve all sampled low-cal candy and most of it, to quote a friend’s youngster tastes ‘yucky.’ It’s the artificial sweeteners that often leave a terrible aftertaste.

But adults want to snack on candy sometimes without all the guilt. So we’re were thrilled to discover Pink Panda Candy, which keeps the total sugar under 3g and total calories under 100 per bag. Yes, PER bag. (So go ahead and vacuum down that entire bag.)

Pro tip: order the variety pack so you can try all the different candies.



All that wouldn’t matter if it didn’t taste just like the real thing. We put their Treasure Chews to the test and you can’t tell them apart from regular high-sugar gummies.

What’s behind their proprietary formula is a natural sweetener called ‘Allulose,’ a naturally occurring sugar that is found in plant foods.

Since Allulose does not increase blood glucose it’s a boon for diabetics and studies have shown that it doesn’t promote the growth of the kinds of bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities.

We also love that they donate  1% of every purchase to a ‘nonprofit of your choice’, such as the Center For Black Women’s Wellness or the Urban Sprouts. Sweet, eh?




Curious we asked ‘chief snacker’ and Pink Panda founder Noah Bernett some pressing questions.


DAILY CANDID NEWS: What was your favorite candy growing up?

Noah: Sour Cherry Blasters

DCN: What treat are you working on now?

Noah: It’s top secret 😉

DCN: Can readers buy your Pink Panda candy at any retail places yet?

Noah: Central Market in Texas and soon other retailers in the U.S

DCN: Our Canadian — and European — readers ask when they’ll be able to order Pink Panda?

Noah: As soon as our main sugar alternative, Allulose, is approved in those markets! We can’t wait to be able to ship our product to them.


We wonder if they need a ‘taste taster’ over at Pink Panda.?