We’ve reviewed high-performance, wicking sheet sets that promise to keep us cool throughout the night only to wake up in a sweat, twisted in the latest eucalyptus /bamboo/voodoo fabric.

Then we received the Everycool Colling Comforter from Rest which they compare to jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day. And guess what? It’s everything PR promised …and more.



Our ‘blue dream’ (that’s what we nicknamed it) duvet is ultra moisture absorbent, hypoallergenic, and left us dry and refreshed in the morning. While feeling lighter than air, it still has enough weight to be comfy.


Imagine if silk and satin had a baby; it’s softer than that.

Made using a highly specialized knitting technology, the fabric stays cool to the touch, even when you’re tucked in. Since it doesn’t hold the heat, it stays cool all night.



Rated cooler than cotton, silk, bamboo, and something called Lyocell, the REST duvet is easy to take care of as well.

Just toss it in the washing machine on low and dry on low heat.

We just wish they made sheets and pillowcases too!

$199-$279 for Twin through Cali King, free shipping and returns, and a 30-night risk-free guarantee at REST Evercool Comforter.