Even though Trump was just indicted and has to surrender to the New York court, he can still run for President — as Trump has insisted he will do.

Even a criminal conviction would not prevent Trump from continuing his presidential campaign.

In fact, there is nothing in US law that prevents a candidate who is found guilty of a crime from campaigning for and serving as, president – even from prison.

If he’s convicted of a felony he loses the right to vote for a President but can still BE the President.

And even if he’s convicted and lands in jail nothing in the constitution

If Trump landed in prison, nothing in the Constitution would block him from continuing his White House run — nor running the country from a jail cell.

Only if Trump is found guilty in the Jan. 6 trial would he be constitutionally disqualified from serving as president or in any other government office.

Called the ‘Disqualification Clause’, it bars any person from holding federal or state office who took an “oath… to support the Constitution of the United States” as a federal officer and then “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” or gave “aid or comfort” to insurrectionists, as trump did when he incited the riot on the Capitol.