We’d all like a smarter, more energy efficient home, but most of the technology is expensive, especially those home automation kits,which start at $300 and upwards.

But with a few Revogi gizmos you can transfer your living space into a smarter, greener tech marvel. With the ‘Smart Lightbulb’ you can program your lights to deter burglars, simulate natural sunlight, change colors, wake you up in the morning and even flash when you get an incoming message or call. (Yeah, that last feature would drive us crazy too, but just set your preferences during set up.) Simply download the app and program the Revogi smart lightbulb via bluetooth. And you control up to 10 Revogi Smart Lightbulb Delite 2 simultaneously. ($39.99)


Even easier is the battery powered Smart Candle which is an affordable — and safe — way for you to program a candle. These Smart Candle Lights flicker and illuminate like real flame candles and also change colors to match your mood. Our fave feature is the ‘Go To Sleep’ function that you set with your phone to have the light dim out over time. Or put it in the living room and program it to go on when you’re out. Again, just use your phone or iWatch to program your smart candle. ( At Amazon for $19.99.)



By far the smartest device is the Smart Meter plug which essentially turns any device into a smart device. ($31.99) After you pair with your bluetooth, you can turn on or off any device within range. And you’ll now know how much energy/ money it costs to run that fan all afternoon. We’re already switching to using some of our home appliances to off-peak times. Some smart parents (don’t have a price for one:) use the Smart Meter Plug to limit or set a time for TV. Once again, use the Smart Meter to have lights turn off at a set time when you’re out. Thinking ahead, we’re planning on plugging our Xmas tree into it.

Smart, eh?



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