When we think luxury we think silky, supple, fancy, and most of all premium, and that’s exactly what you will find in the Dermaesthetics Caviar Eye Repair Gel 0.5 oz jar of perfection. From the moment we received the package the brand screams high-end, from its black and silver box to the contents of the jar. Just looking at the gel inside you can tell it’s going to feel amazing on your eyes and the first swipe did not disappoint.




After using it twice a day for several weeks we can report it does everything it says – minimizes our dark shadows, hydrates our skin so it feels soft and smooth, and reduces fine lines. It also works great under our eye concealer, creating a smooth base for makeup.



Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills has 40 years of experience as a luxury-level, made-in-USA professional skincare manufacturer and its founder, Dr. Ann Lee, Ph.D., is a world-renowned cosmetic chemist. Their philosophy is to combine eastern medicinal practices with the innovation of modern western medicine to create unsurpassed skincare. If the Caviar Eye Repair Gel ($119 for 0.5 oz) is any indication, this philosophy is a winner.