Wait—what? Okay warning—if you slip a Wine Condom in your purse or pocket—make the full disclaimer to a significant other that it’s for a bottle of wine—yeah, right?! But it’s true. 


Millennial entrepreneur Mitch Strahan and his mom, Laura Bartlett (a Dallas, TX-based stand-up comedian) came up with the idea for a “wine condom.” One evening, Laura’s friend sent her home with a bottle of unfinished wine (sans the cork) wrapped in saran wrap with rubber bands. Looking at the bottle, Laura and her son thought it looked like a condom and the idea was born.


Mitch Strahan and mom Laura Bartlett.

How does the Wine Condom work? Just like a regular condom, unwrap it and roll it over the top of the bottle (could be fun for bachelorette parties). Does it work? Yes! I opened a bottle of white wine and placed the Wine Condom on it when finished drinking. 


Why not the cork? My refrigerator is small and sometimes the cork gets in the way. Also, with the Wine Condom on, I turned the wine bottle upside down and no leakage or accidents occurred (wink wink). It’s good for storing wine on its side and the claim is the airtight seal preserves the wine. The real test would be a good bottle of red wine to see how it tastes the next day (fresh?). But only one bottle at a time here!


The Wine Condom is available on Amazon, comes in a box of six for $14.97 and once applied is reusable. #screwthecork