The almost-magical power of moringa oil has been known for thousands of years. The Egyptians identified its natural protective properties and slathered it on their skin to protect it from harsh desert conditions. The Romans followed their lead and used it in expensive oils. Indian medical practitioners used the oil to treat various ailments.

And for decades, tribes used moringa leaves for skin breakouts, inflammation, and even on wounds.

But instead of finding yourself a moringa tree, you can score all the benefits of its leaves with the new brand, All Moringa which harnesses all the powerful ingredients into a skincare line.

The brainchild of a husband and wife team Maya Myers and Tzvi Ginzburg, Tzvi first discovered the Moringa tree in Ghana in 2004, while managing an organic produce farm. She discovered that it as harvested for its medicinal properties.


We tried the brand’s Moisturizing Face Cream ($62) which was so hydrating we didn’t need to add anything else.

And the “100% Organic Moringa Oleifera Cold Press Seed Oil for Face, Body, and Hair” —  derived from the seeds of Moringa pods — is another stand-out product. We used a drop for a nice skin glow and now have added it to our skin routine as a first-layer serum. ($17.50.)


For immune support, they also offer  nutritional powder or pills (perfect for breastfeeding Moms.) Did we mention that the entire product line is safe for babies as well?

We actually prefer to get all the goodness in their tea, a combination of the Moringa leaf with ginger. ($9.90 for 28 tea bags.)

Thanks to All Morniga, we now are getting all the goodness of the ‘miracle’ tree inside and out.



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