Marble is a gorgeous and durable natural stone surface that can be used to cover worktops, tables, floors, baths, and other surfaces. Although this material isn’t particularly challenging to clean, it does need some upkeep and damage avoidance to stay in top condition. For instance, what you can do to avoid any damage is to immediately clean up any spills, and stay away from using harsh cleaners to clean the marble.



Read on to find important tips that you should follow while cleaning up your marble and protect its surface from any harm. By following these useful tips, your marble appearance will stay pristine and look new as ever.

Use The Right Cleaning Product

Marble needs specialized cleaning products and methods compared to other surfaces. Additionally, if you use the wrong cleaning, even a bad cloth or sponge, it may get scratched, soiled, or suffer other damage. Generally speaking, you should refrain from applying excessive power when cleaning the marble, because in doing so it may result in scratching, also known as “etching,” on marble.

The most important recommendation is to use a moderate, pH-neutral, non-abrasive soap. Although there are specific marble cleaning products on the market, dish soap works just as well.

You can either add a few drops of soap to a damp cloth or create a spray bottle with a tiny amount of soap and warm water.



After cleaning the marble with a sudsy cloth, immediately rinse and dry the area. Do not use too much soap as you clean, because there is a possibility some soap could leave a film behind.


Marble shouldn’t be cleaned with acidic products like Windex, vinegar, or bleach. Even a wedge of lemon can begin to chew into marble in a matter of seconds. Because many rust-removing chemicals contain acid, keep them away from marble. Similar to how abrasive cleaners or sponges would diminish the luster of marble. Alkali or basic chemicals may potentially be harmful.

Prevent Stains

Preventive maintenance is essential for keeping marble clean and stain-free. On a marble surface, any spills should be instantly blotted up with a paper towel. Avoid wiping spills as this will spread the liquid over a larger area. Be particularly watchful about spills of alcoholic or citrus drinks. As soon as you can, thoroughly rinse the area in warm, soapy water to get rid of any last traces of the staining agent.

Depending on the type of marble you have, you might also want to invest in a marble sealant, which you should use once a month. While spills still require immediate cleanup, applying a sealant will give you a bit more time before they develop into emergencies. However, make sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines beforehand, as some varieties of marble won’t accept sealant.


Removing Stains

If there is ever a spill that you don’t catch in time, the marble will ultimately begin to discolor. Once the spill has been cleaned up, you have to begin tackling the stain. For the greatest results, combine 12 percent hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia to remove stains caused by organic substances like coffee, wine, food, or pet poop.



Following removal with acetone or mineral spirits, cooking oil, milk, and other oil-based stains should be rinsed out. Acetone or lacquer thinner can be used to remove ink stains from darker marble, whereas bleach can be used on lighter marble. You can also use lacquer thinner to remove small paint smudges, but take caution as it might harm the marble.


Buffing Scratches from Marble

Marble surfaces can become damaged by hard water stains and etching, which requires polishing away. For best results, you can use a dry and superfine 0000-rated steel wool for water stains and some light surface etching. It could be necessary to hire a professional to re-polish the surface for deeper nicks and scratches.

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