If you suffer from dry eyes, styes, or blepharitis (when tiny oil glands of the inner eyelid become inflamed and plugged)  this Avenova antimicrobial eyelid and lash cleanser is for you. (I know, I know — we sound like a QVC ad.)

But this stuff works. We know because we used to have a prescription for Avenova since we have dry, itchy eyes (nothing to do with spending nine hours on a computer each day! ) and now you can buy it over the counter. Our allergies also compounded our dry eye issue. Since we started using the spray, our eyes aren’t so dry and itchy




Since it is formulated with Hypochlorous  — which your body naturally produces to fight off toxins and inflammation caused by bacteria — it’s safe and natural.

And it’s easy to use; simply spray directly on your closed eyelids or spray onto a cotton round and wipe your eyelids. You’ll notice the difference in as soon as a few days. ($29.99.)

Pro tip: you don’t need to rub hard, just swipe the eyelid area. Your eyes will thank you.