Regular readers of this column know that our beauty editors are obsessed with the Susan Ciminelli line of skincare with the array of products that make our skin glow.

We use the Algae Deep Cleanse, followed by the  Essential Oil, then the  Marine Lotion,  a spritz of Seawater, and then end with Special Reserve cream.

But when the superhero Special Reserve Cream was being re-formulated, we noticed the difference in our skin immediately.



Now the natural cream is back for sale and our skin is back to looking its best. The unique blend of natural ingredients kickstarts the production of collagen and skin cell renewal, but we notice is that our skin looks plumper and our wrinkles (especially those pesky ones around the mouth) are softened.

It even helps diminish the dark spots on our face.

It’s an investment at $200 but as the skin guru says, you only need to use a little bit.

Special Reserve, we missed you.


Susan Ciminelli.


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