‘Dogs should eat as well as humans’ says Chef Luca Grammatico, cook at the new canine cucina Fiuto in Rome.

None of the usual ‘kibble and bits’ shows up on this menu. The cuisine served at the new eaterie — which also serves humans — is a dog menu that makes us drool. Imagine poké-style bowls with a choice of chicken, meat, fish and veggie for starters followed by a selection of main meals and desserts. Even the water is mineral, not your mundane tap water.


‘Fiuto’, an Italian word that vaguely translates to an animal’s acute sense of smell, was opened by Marco Turano and his two business partners in Rome’s Ponte Milvio district.

“Italians love dogs, and treat them almost as well as a child, and in some cases even better than their child,” said Turano. “They are considered a member of the family and not just a domestic pet,’ he says.

“Only top-of-the-range produce is used. We want to ensure that when a dog eats here they eat just as well as the humans,” adds the Chef.

The human food is prepared in a completely separate kitchen and features a slightly different menu.

The restaurant has been completely booked every night since it opened. But what do the dogs think of the food? “None have turned their noses up so far,” says the Chef.


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