1. In the search line of your browser, enter the name of the bookmaker you are looking for;
  2. Visit the official Bet365 website of the bookmaker;
  3. On the official website of the bookmaker, find the installation location of the mobile app for betting on sports;
  4. To download the bet365 apk download file to your system’s storage, click on the Android graphic icon.



Installation of the Bet365 sports app

After downloading the Bet365 APK file to your smartphone, you need to follow a few steps:


  1. Navigate to the storage of your device;
  2. Locate the folder with the download name and Bet365 downloaded APK file in your navigator;
  3. Go to the “Installation” tab to locate and extract the installation package.



The Bet365 mobile app is installed on your Android device. You can use its features on your gadget. 

How to download the Bet365 sports app on an iOS device

Downloading and installing the application is much easier than with the Android operating system. The process is unified and does not force users to spend time for the application to appear on the desktop of the mobile phone. 



The installation process of the app on iOS

You can start downloading the Bet365 2022 app in two ways. You can go to the official Bet365 website and find there the link to download the app in the App Store. However, you can simply write “Bet365” in the App Store search box and click on the first app found. These two different actions will lead you to the same outcome. 


  1. Find the Bet365 app download button on your smartphone in the App Store;
  2. Tap it and the app will start downloading;
  3. The installation will be done automatically and the app will appear on your desktop. 


The app is installed on your smartphone and you can start using it. 


We tried to tell you about the possibilities of using the bet365.com application on Android and iOS. You have studied the detailed step-by-step instructions for downloading the app and learned about the possibilities of using the mobile version of Bet365. We hope that our little article and analysis of the Bet365 mobile app have helped you with the choice you want to make. We wish you to keep your head in the game and good luck in your upcoming endeavors!


Can I create the second Bet365 account?

No, it is forbidden by the bookmaker’s rules. If it will be found out that someone is using more than one Bet365 account, all accounts of this person will be permanently banned without the possibility of recovery. In addition, you will be banned from making another account with this sportsbook, which means that you will not be able to use the services. 


Is It Legal to Bet on Sports in India?

Ordinary betting is prohibited by a law called The Public Gambling Act of 1867. However, the law is too old and not adapted to current times. Online betting is not illegal. No one in India has been prosecuted for betting online. 

Today, sports bookmakers, including Bet365, avoid the ban on gambling activities in India by placing their online platforms outside the country. This allows bookmakers to avoid being subject to the laws of India.

Don’t forget that income derived from sports betting is taxable in India. Failure to pay can lead to problems in the future. Do not break the law!