Neil deGrasse Tyson
Y’all Need Science T-Shirt.

Who wouldn’t like a smart t-shirt from Neil deGrasse Tyson? (Ok, maybe not that Uncle who voted for Trump.) There’s a galaxy of choices over at Amazon. $19.99.

The Wand 4-pack edition. $11.99.

If you’re one of those people who have “wine allergies”, meaning you get a headache, that tell-tale flush, congestion, and hangovers even after just one glass of vino, Pure Wine has a wand for you. By ‘waving’ this through your wine, it selectively removes histamines and sulfites without otherwise changing the chemistry of wine. They are single-use only though ($4.95) which can get pricey so a better deal is The Wave, which filters the wine as it’s poured. $11.99 for one bottle of wine. For any wine lover on your list.


The Comfy quarter-zip.

This may be the perfect 2020 holiday gift. We’re all home on our couch watching Netflix in our P.J’s and trying to stay cozy. Now, The Comfy Original — the sherpa and microfiber blanket you can wear — comes with a quarter-zip and fold back hem (for added style, says the company though this is never going to win you any ‘Best Dressed Awards.) $49.99. One for them, one for you.


Holiball. $40-$60.


Decorating in 2020 has become an Olympic sport as people started their Christmas festivities even before Thanksgiving. (Raise your hand if you already have a tree.) Since we’re all stuck at home, we want to make it as fun as possible. What could be more fun than a huge blow-up ornament? We got a red Holiball one to review and it’s bouncing in the wind on our outside patio, much to the delight of our neighbors who asked where they could get one. (It’s made of durable UV-resistant engineered polymer so it’s fine in the elements.)

You can either buy their Holiball™ Fast Flow Inflator or use that pump you have for the pool toys. Go big this year and get their largest size…the 30″ for $60 bucks. Available in 21 different colors to suit any holiday theme.



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