A publicist turned us on to the   ZIRI beauty skincare line which takes natural ingredients and combines ‘ancient Moroccan practices’ to create this unique line.

Take the Moroccan Black soap with lemon Ziri’s Moroccan Black Soap which moisturizes, exfoliates, and soothes the skin while its natural anti-bacterial properties unplug pores and purify the skin. And it smells like fresh lemon! ($30.)



For dry lips, ZIRI’s natural lip balm with argan oil ($4) does a great job of moisturizing without any sticky residue.


Also, an instant fave is their Rose Water, which hydrates and reduces inflammation, which is especially a concern in winter months. Vitamins B and E nourish the skin while it’s anti-bacterial ingredients prevent skin breakouts. We like to spray it on our face a couple of times a day just as a mood booster. Ingredients: 100% pure Moroccan rose water distilled from Rosa Damascena rose petals. $30.

Right now, the line is only available on its website and Amazon.

This is a perfect line for a little self-care and for girlfriends this holiday season!







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