Call me “Jewels!” I love semi-precious gems, stones, metals and anything organic-looking and artisan. Enter Smart Glass Recycled Jewelry and a very smart idea: recycled glass bottles are transformed into rings, earrings and necklaces.

Smart Glass Jewelry

The brainchild of artist Kathleen Plate, Smart Glass Recycled Jewelry is made in her Atlanta, Georgia studio. The company tagline is clever: drink it, wear it!

And where does the recycled glass come from? Glass bottles are collected from bars, restaurants, friends and even dumpsters!

Once sorted, the glass bottles are cut and fired using a patented process to create different shapes and sizes. Different techniques are used to alter the finished shape and texture.


Smart Glass necklaces. $46.


The cool thing is that different bottles create the jewelry colors. I chose to review the cube gold ring ($56.00) with a smart glass “gem” in beautiful cobalt blue. I think it might have been a SKYY vodka bottle!

The color chart is as follows: Aqua is from a Bombay Sapphire bottle; Cobalt is from a vodka bottle; Pine is from a red wine bottle; Antique clear is from a Coca-Cola bottle; and Periwinkle is from a Sake bottle.

How is the ring quality? It looks very elegant and features a thick band in 22K gold plated pewter with adjustable prongs for sizes 4 to 8. The square glass “gem” is .75-inch x .75-inch and comes in cobalt blue with a nice matte finish. ($56.)


The only hitch is that I wear a size 8, and even though the ring has an adjustable band.

I can’t close or adjust the prongs. I can wear the ring but need a larger size. Keeping my ring fingers crossed they’ll come out with a larger size that will fit me properly. Other than that, it’s fabulous!

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