We all take vitamins for our body, skin and more so why not for our hair? If you have frizzy hair, split ends, or dry hair from blowing or a coloring process, Ellips Hair Care has a line of hair vitamins for different hair needs. I tried the Hair Vitality product that claims to help repair fragile hair prone to breakage. 


The product comes in a clear bottle that looks like “vitamins” with 50 1 ML capsules that are orange-colored, and round (Amazon $17.00) Just take scissors and cut the end and put the vitamin oil on your hair (they instruct to apply it when hair is half dry and avoid the scalp). 



Each capsule is enriched with ginseng, honey oil, Vitamins A, C, E and Pro Vitamin B5 plus the main ingredient, Moroccan oil. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Moroccan oil (also known as Argan oil) is sourced from the seeds of the argan tree which grows in Morocco. The oil helps revitalize hair, reduce split ends, smoothen frizzy hair and creates a healthy shine.

But does it? I have fine hair, so I usually don’t use oil-based hair products because they weigh my hair down. I did a couple of applications of the Ellips vitamin treatment and was pleasantly surprised to find that my hair appeared softer and less frizz-prone. 


However, I think I could use half the amount and it would work better for me—it did seem to weigh the hair down a bit. I think it could help dry or overprocessed hair. It doesn’t say how often to use the vitamin capsules, that would depend on how dry or brittle your hair is. It’s an easy way to get a vitamin boost for your hair, too! 

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