Security guard, Darius Williams, spoke to CNN about why he quit his job the morning before the Astroworld festival, fearing that there were no contingency plans for fans forcing their way through the gates — as they’ve done at previous Travis Scott concerts — and worried that he hadn’t received enough training. Sadly, fans did break in the front gates swelling the estimated 50,000 people leading to the crush of fans that left eight people dead and some 300 injured amid the chaos.


“It was pretty vague exactly what the roles would be,” he said. “The day before Astroworld, I completed the orientation and the training for the process, and when I arrived on Friday morning around 7 a.m., they were still pretty vague. [They] didn’t really tell us what we would be doing.”



“From what I saw, I would say there was probably one security guard for every 500 to 1,000 people,” Williams added.

When Darius expressed his concerns to his superiors they just offered him a position away from the main gates.