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Kim Jung’s luxury green train, which satellite tracked from N.Korea to China.

Confirming what the internet already knew, Chinese officials announced that Kim Jong Un DID go to China to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Why is this significant?

The North Korean leader wanted to discuss his upcoming meeting with President Trump, particularly the issue of nukes. Reportedly, Kim Jong-un told the Chinese and the South Koreans that he is willing to abandon nuclear weapons, but only with conditions.

China hinted Wednesday that it ‘won a pledge ‘from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to denuclearize which is something the world hopes will happen.

“It makes sense for North Korea to explain their positions and coordinate with China, their most important partner,” Andray Abrahamian, a research fellow at Pacific Forum CSIS, told the BBC.

“Relations have been extremely strained the last five years and China has been sidelined in the diplomacy of the last several months,” he said.

“From Beijing’s perspective, this is a visit that should have happened some time ago.”

Man watches Japanese news report about possible visit by North Korean leader
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