British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in soooo much trouble.

The PM is facing two investigations into allegations that 10 Downing Street, his office and residence, repeatedly broke the government’s own COVID restrictions by holding social gatherings, indoors and outdoors.

There are photos, videos and now email exchanges about the wild parties (ok, some of them were sedate affairs.)

Still, to hold a party on the eve of Prince Phillip’s funeral — when the entire country is supposed to be in mourning — is unconscionable.

Johnson called the Queen to abjectly apologize. And then he apologized to Parliment for another event, a BYOB garden party on May 20, 2020.

In both cases, Johnson’s office has maintained that the gatherings were ‘work events’.

Now Johnson and his party are waiting on the Metropolitan Police’s  criminal investigation into “potential breaches” of lockdown rules over the past two years, plus the Civil servant Sue Gray’s report.