Donald ‘Caddyshack’ Trump bragged about winning the weekend’s Senior Gold Championship at his own club in Florida, but Jimmy Kimmel has some suspicions.

After the former president boasted that he not only won, he crowed that the event “serves as a physical exam, only MUCH tougher” and proves he has the “strength and stamina” to govern again. (Way to get in a campaign ad.)

But Kimmel noted that Trump wasn’t even in town for part of his own tournament.

“He missed the whole first day of the tournament because he was in North Carolina paying tribute to himself at a memorial for this super-fan Diamond of Diamond and Silk,’ Kimmel pointed out.

So how does Trump win ?

In Trump-world, this is his explanation: Because he played the course the day before the tournament started he should be able to include that in his score. Whaaat?

Kimmel said that’s “like showing up at mile six and claiming you won the marathon.”

“Even Kim Jong Un is like, ‘Yeah, right, bro,’” Kimmel cracked.