Pop N’ Go Playpen, by California Beach Co., is a patented baby, toddler (or pet play yard) perfect for every parent.

It’s portable (weighs only 7.2 pounds) and easy to pop up (it comes fully assembled for easy setup and takedown.) Use it outdoors in the backyard or the beach and the fiberglass framing means it won’t blow over. And the mesh netting makes it safe and secure, plus providing shade.



We asked two new parents, Gabe and Hillarie and baby Franklin to test it for us:


We *LOVE* our Pop ‘N Go!
It’s so light, which is essential considering all the other accessories our 10-month old has in his entourage.
It goes up and comes down with a snap, and the little guy can roll around endlessly. Toss in some ball-pit balls and it instantly became his chill zone.
With the top on (velcro, a minute or less) his sun exposure is at a minimum, without risking an umbrella chase down the beach.
This brought our backyard back to us, and made the outdoors into endless baby fun, with less than 5 minutes of prep.
100%, the Pop ‘N Go is this parent’s new favorite toy.
Made for baby, loved by parents.