Online entertainment has gone through a huge amount of change over the past few years and the start of 2021 saw the first major difference with a potential for the box office to find its way permanently to the online space, but with the increase in the number of available services it has also meant that subscriptions costs have increased too as there are more of them available. Many of the favorite forms of online entertainment already require subscriptions or big deposits like this list of online casinos including admiral casino reviews too – and although these payments don’t hurt the likes of the previously mentioned gaming industry, could it harm the online entertainment industry as a whole?



Too many services could become a problem – For now, many users may be subscribed to two or three different streaming services to gain the biggest benefit of as much online entertainment as possible, but as the box office starts to become more available it’s likely that different studios will partner with different services to get the most coverage, as a viewer if you’d like watch the latest releases then that number of subscriptions may increase, and if each is coming in at the $10 price point then it may not be long before the number of services needed reaches closer to the $100 monthly cost simply for streaming.



Concerns for additional costs – Other services like Disney+ have been performing incredibly well and reaching over 100 million subscribers ahead of their goal certainly shows how well the platform is doing, however the premiere access that charges $30 to see one of their new releases intended for the box office has risen other questions for whether or not other studios could potentially do the same too – whilst it does rival the cost for cinema tickets for multiple people, it’s still a premium to pay whilst also paying the subscription cost too and if others follow a similar path then there may be little benefit to relying on streaming platform rather than theatre trips once again, and may be an unattainable expectation if a service sees multiple releases in a short period of time with the increasing costs.

Ultimately, as it stands the subscription model has been a huge benefit for the consumer and has allowed for a huge number of new unique series too produced by the same studios, but numbers have to be met in order to be able to fund these new releases and dropping too many subscribers could certainly hurt the model, and the cutting of ongoing subscriptions is already something that has been seen recently for the same reasons with costs increasing during the same period of time too.