It looks like a scene out of a bad science fiction movie. In S.F. and the entire Bay Area residents woke up to red skies as ash from the wildfires continued to consume everything in their path.

“When the smoke and ash get even thicker close to the wildfires, it can cut the sunlight out completely, making it look like the dead of night,” explained CNN meteorologist Judson Jones.
Even though the North Complex Fire and the Creek Fire are more than 200 miles away, the smoke obscured the skies and caused the eerie red light.

One S. F resident said that it felt like she was on another planet:

“It was surreal,” Sneha Patil wrote. “It felt like I had woken up to the skies in Mars!”
These fires have now scorched over 3,466,194 acres and all18 national forests in California have now been ordered to close due to the “explosive growth” of ongoing wildfires, according to the Forest Service.