Born in Spain, Muroexe is a new disrupter in the shoe world. Incredibly sleek and classic, the unisex footgear literally breaks the mold. They’re 100-percent vegan construction (which we love) with an iconic style. But are they comfortable? So glad you asked; they’re like walking on a Tempurpedic pillow all-day.

Actual writer in actual Muroexes.

We were surprised they could be this fashionable AND comfy. And what’s not to love about a company that is so ethical and makes such a quality product?
You can wear them to work or to cocktails. Unlike the popular Allbirds, these Muroexes are dressier and fit in at that marketing meeting with the wingtip crowd. $120 for most styles.
Since they are such a classic style, they’re not going to be out of fashion anytime soon. Hear that, stilettos?
P.S. Good news – The shoes are actually ALL water-resistant 🙂