Marg Makin, who lives in a small town in Ontario, has a message for the ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers after her son, also a truck driver, died of the virus. Thousands of truckers are in their second week of protests against a mandate requiring drivers entering Canada to be fully vaccinated or face testing and quarantine requirements.

“It’s a horrible thing to watch somebody die of this disease,” Makins told CNN on Tuesday. “I’m hoping (these truckers) can hear what I have to say and how bad Covid can be and maybe save somebody in their family or even themselves.”

Makins said she does not understand why some truckers are refusing the vaccine. The situation is starting to “anger” her.
“They’re shutting down the economy of our country and(the United States),” Makins said. “It is really disruptive. All kinds of people, nobody can go to work or use those roads. Trucks can’t get through with their cargoes, so it’s time they went home.”