Who couldn’t use a little me time these days?

Thanks to our job (beauty perk), we got to try some of the Luxaderme masks including the peeling and exfoliating mask for our feet. Since we run around in flip-flops all dead, our hoofs need all the help they can help.



Activated with natural bio-active botanicals and antioxidants along with safe synthetics, you wear the little booties for 90 minutes to give your skin a nourishing, pampering, and de-stressing experience.

The botanical extracts possess antibacterial properties too so they de-stink your tootsies, and continue to peel for up to 10 days leaving you with baby-soft feet. We’re going to do these every month during the summer months. $10.

But don’t stop there; the brand also makes hydrating face sheet masks and hand gloves.


According to the company, the active ingredient in the hand hydration gloves is Neurolight.61 G which is ‘clinically proven to significantly reduce the area and pigmentation of dark spots.’  While our hands did feel wonderful after the mask, they didn’t diminish the sunspots as much as we had hoped. Maybe with more treatments? $6.


We did love the cellulose sheet mask Revive and Raidate which did exactly that! ($10.) This is going in regular rotation. $10.