Have a friend that loves wine but hates the ‘wine headache’ aka hangover later?

Gift them the Drop it Wine Drops which come in a handy small bottle you can just throw in your purse before a night out.

We’re big fans since we love our red wine — but it doesn’t love us. A couple of drops of Drop it, swirl and drink. Voila! No headache!

And Drop It is the only all natural product on the market that reduces both Tannins and Sulfites in wine, which are what cause those nasty headaches. For the holidays, they have a special backpack special Holiday Gift Special consisting of a Drop it backpack cooler stuffed with 4 Bottles of Drop It Original, 2 Bottle of Drop It for Wine Tastings and Festivals and 2 Drop It Stemless Wine Glasses. $84.99.

We know what we’re asking Santa for Xmas.


We know what you’re thinking…everyone already has a vacuum beverage tumbler for their coffee. But they don’t have the MyBevi Classic Tumbler which does everything a premium one does, such as keep your beverage hot or cold for hours and hours but has one handy feature we love. It comes with a carry ring right on the top so you can carry your keys, purse and everything else. Why don’t they all have these?

Comes in delicious colors so pick up a couple for your best friends this season. $20.

You’ll be so popular!


For that friend who LOVES her coffee; Javy Liquid Microdose Coffee.

“Faster than instant coffee, easier than a k-cup, and tastier than your favorite coffee shop” says the company and they’re right. Make yourself an iced coffee in seconds with the roasted 100% arabica beans, or a steaming hot coffee (or pour it over vanilla ice cream as we do.) 60 mg of caffeine per one teaspoon.

Three bottles for $15.95 but order fast for Christmas!



Flat Stanley met the flat candle that you can easily mail! Hand-painted with twin wicks so it burns easily the steel stand holds the candle but also doubles as a snuffer. We sent out a few in lieu of holiday cards. Christmas DONE.

Available at Flatyz Candle for $18.