Another day, another showdown at the White House. Instead of a meeting on infrastructure, President Trump came to the Cabinet room with the intention of berating the Democrats and then dramatically stomping out of the meeting — straight to a press podium. The media had already been told to wait there BEFORE the meeting, so it was obvious that this had all been planned in advance by the President.

Here’s how it went down: An hour earlier Nancy Pelosi spoke publically about not pushing for impeachment proceedings but admitting that she was certain Trump had engaged in a ‘cover-up.’ Apparently, Trump went ballistic when he heard that and later stormed into the meeting ready to rumble. Trump told the press later that he has no intention of working with the Democrats until they stop their ‘phony investigations.’

Instead of talking about spending, Trump walked into the room, berated the Democrats and walked out to the Rose Garden to address reporters who had been moved in front of it even before Schumer and Pelosi sat down in the Cabinet room.

‘I don’t do cover-ups,’ Trump told the reporters when he got to the podium. Note the pre-printed signs which read ‘No Collusion, No Obstruction.”

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