By now, you’ve heard the travel horror stories and seen the pile-up of lost luggage at Heathrow airport. It’s a mess out there.

So your best chance of having your luggage arrive at the same destination is to bring it on the plane with you, though not all carry-on makes it an overhead bin. On a recent flight, they took it ours at the gate, saying the plane was too full.

Time to ditch those full-sized bottles and think small. Here are a few of our favorite pint-sized beauty products that we pack every trip.



We still want our favorite shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and a small vial of their perfume when we go on a trip so this Kai travel set is perfect. It also comes with bathing bubbles but we take that out before packing. Who has time for a bubble bath? The reusable hemp bag is waterproof and small enough to fit on hotel sinks. $49.


Ursa Major’s Effortless Essentials’ makes taking care of your skin a breeze — especially on a plane — with their Fantastic Face Wash, Golden Hour Recovery Cream, and  Essential Face Wipes. Pack a few of those face wipes in your purse for a long plane trip. Non-drying and oh so refreshing. $15. Don’t forget their pint-sized natural deodorant too.



Traveling takes a toll on your skin, so bring your ‘glow’ superstar products with you, just in minis. We don’t go anywhere without our Susan Ciminelli products, starting with the Algae Deep Cleanse which acts as a mild exfoliate ($70 2.oz), the small bottle of the Hydrating Formula serum  ($55.) which plumps the skin and helps minimize wrinkles, the superstar anti-aging Marine Lotion ($49) which gives us our radiant glow, followed by a spritz of the Seawater spray ($13.95 for 2 oz) which refreshes as it nourishes the skin. After a couple of trips, we just refill the travel size 2.oz bottles.


2 oz size of Algae Deep Cleanse.

And remember to hydrate!