At first, I scoffed. A pillow for over $250?! But their persuasive PR person convinced me to try it.

Kanduda makes pillows with ‘ Built-in Physical Therapy Techniques’ (or at least, that’s what the site says.) Helps to ‘relieve neck pain and induce proper sleep positions’ (again, from the site.)

Sure, sure, since we spend a third of our life sleeping, it makes sense to have a good pillow, but I thought I had one — a nice squishy one with cervical support.



Like millions of people, I suffer from migraines which first start off as neck pain, hence the chiropractor. I love it when he gently pulls back on my head (as illustrated above) and I feel the tension release.

The Largo pillow practices the same technique — called Craniosacral Therapy — and you feel it the minute your head hits the pillow. (This is from the line of orthopedic pillows. Kanuda also sells ‘traction pillows’ which, though they look like medieval torture devices, are said to offer more spine and neck work.)


My LARGO pillow.

The Largo pillow helps with compression of the fourth ventricle (CV4) and Occipital Cranial Base Release (OCBR.) My neck felt instantly supported and I liked that it adapts to back and sides sleeping.

Experts say it takes at least a week to adjust to a new pillow but it only took me two nights. Now I wouldn’t sleep without it.


Turns out, my squishy pillow didn’t offer enough cervical spine or head support that I needed after all.

I wake up feeling more refreshed and my neck doesn’t sound like rice crispies when I move.

It’s worth every cent and more.

(We tried the Largo which sells for $229. The highest-priced pillow is the Andante which is $269.)