Usually, our favorite tech company (yes, that would be Apple) releases new hardware with much fanfare, but Monday quietly slipped in news about their new versions of the iPad Air and iPad mini in a press release.

First, the new models:
The iPad Air comes with a bigger 10.5-inch display (starting at $499), and the iPad mini has the same 7.9-inch screen (starting at $399). For the first time, the iPad works with the Apple Pencil and the processor is three times faster than the previous models. Also included in the iPad mini upgrade is ‘advanced cameras’ with front and back facing cameras.
Basically, Apple took some high-end features and made them available on the less expensive models in order to spur sales.
Why the quiet roll-out? Pundits believe that Apple wants the public to concentrate on the announcement about its new streaming platform at it’s big March event. Stay tuned.