Hot flashes? Night Sweats? Studies show that sleeping hot can be disruptive to REM cycles, so listen up.

Try the new Chill Pillowcase, designed to create a cooler sleep experience by using a customized blend of Rayon from Bamboo and Nylon. Together these fabrics are proven to feel cooler than cotton and polyester, and the cooling effect won’t wash out.


We received one to review and here’s what we thought:

  1. It’s cool to the touch but not so cold you don’t want to snuggle up with it.
  2. The material feels like our quality silk pillowcases.
  3. In the morning we felt like we’d slept better, probably because we hadn’t woken up sweating.
  4. Our hair was perfect (apologies to Warren Zevon.)


As the tagline says ‘Less Sweat.More Beauty. Better Sleep.’


$60 at Discover Night.