In Finland, the ‘Long Drink’ or ‘lonkero’ is pretty much the National beverage of choice.

Made with gin, a dash of club soda, and fresh grapefruit juice it is tart and refreshing– perfect for a summer day.

Now Loncaro has brought the Finnish citrus drink to the US, launching in sunny California. (For right now, it’s only available in Southern Cali.)



And the company has nailed it. With only 5% alcohol and the bright, effervescent flavor, it has replaced hard seltzers as our favorite afternoon-around-the-pool drink.

Brought to the US by Finnish-American Janne Kouri, it’s a welcome change.

Kouri, who was left paralyzed after a diving accident, is also the founder of the non-profit NextStep, which makes critical rehab and fitness accessible to people living with paralysis. A percentage of profits from Loncaro sales will be used to build more locations.

Cheers, or as they say in Finland, Kippis!