How to Earn Extra as a Delivery Driver

Whether you are looking to make money behind the wheel of your car or you are a delivery driver who wants a side hustle, there are a number of ways car owners can earn an income. A car is a major asset. Besides using it to take them from A to B, more and more people are using online tools to transform their mode of transport into a money-making machine. Here are a few top tips to help delivery drivers earn more.

Maximize Time Spent on the Road

If you have chosen a career in delivery services of some sort and you have decided to work independently, there is nothing tying you down to just one company. Broadening your horizons and finding work with multiple delivery companies at a time can help you maximize the time you spend on the road. Do your research and compare the rate of pay for different delivery companies and their terms and conditions. After signing up for different delivery businesses, you may find that you can complete multiple deliveries on one route.



Plan Your Routes Properly

Although you have the ability to pick up more work and maximize your time, freelance delivery drivers who use a variety of delivery platforms may find it difficult when it comes to organization and time management. Taking the time to plan your route properly can help you juggle multiple deliveries. Using route planning software, you can optimize your routes and save time. Planning your route can boost your income by helping you complete more jobs in one day, it will minimize time wasted on detours, and it can save you money on gas in the long run. Furthermore, it can improve your work-life balance. Route planning will enhance your performance and may even get you home quicker.



Use the Best Load Boards

Workers who provide courier delivery services can find delivery driver jobs using online load boards. Load boards are platforms where customers upload goods that need to be delivered, and drivers can bid for the gig. Shiply is an online marketplace that doesn’t cost drivers a thing until they actually win a successful bid for delivery driver jobs. Their load board is user-friendly and allows drivers to filter each gig by locale, state, and route. Once a driver has won a bid, they will receive essential details for the delivery job. Customers can provide ratings and reviews once a job is complete, which means that drivers can build up a trusty reputation to help them get more work.



Become a Rolling Billboard

If you want to earn a passive income, turning your vehicle into a rolling billboard is the ideal solution. There are many companies, such as Wrapify, that can help turn your car into a moving advertisement. These businesses ‘wrap’ cars in adhesive adverts then pay drivers for the distance they drive. Depending on the advertising opportunity and the type of decal you choose for your vehicle, you can end up earning hundreds of dollars per month.