Many US hotels have gotten the message about their bathroom offerings such as tiny plastic shampoo, conditioner, and those miniature soap bars. As fun as they are to collect, they’ve created a mass of discarded plastic.

Some hotels have switched to big, wall-mounted dispensers, such as you find at the gym. In fact, in California, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a ban on those small plastic bottles for hotel guests.



The luxury Shinola Hotel in downtown Detroit found an even more eco-friendly way — donating all their discarded product to Clean The World — an organization that collects discarded soap and other hygiene products from hotels and gives them new life by donating them to people in need.

Clean the World takes the donations, sanitizes and grinds the soap and cuts into new bars ready for distribution.



In every shipment, Shinola Hotel donates roughly 1,000 bars of soap and 800 shampoo & conditioner bottles. In a year, Shinola Hotel will have donated 2,000 lbs of soap and 100,000 travel-sized plastic bottles.


In a statement, Shinola Hotel said it ‘is dedicated to finding ways to reduce their impact on the environment and is thrilled to have begun working with such an amazing organization offering a solution to a large source of waste in the hotel industry. ‘

Let’s see more hotels follow their example.