Imagine a summer job which involves tasting all the candy in a confectionary factory.The Mars Wrigley Co., who make Skittles, M&Ms, Snickers and Dove candies, are looking for a paid intern for 8-12 weeks this summer. But before you start filling out the paperwork, you need a unique skill set, namely that you can name all five skittles during a blind taste test. AND they want someone who can blow a gum bubble 5″ in diameter.

While the candidate has to be 21 years or older to qualify, they still need to have the mind of a ‘kid in a candy store’.

‘Be a strong entrepreneur and self-starter, preferably someone who isn’t afraid to ring every doorbell in every neighborhood on Halloween,’ the job post read.

Oh, and did we mention the signing bonus? The happy intern gets a  years supply of candy at the end.





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