Broken Top Brands were already on our radar for their botanical candles so we were excited to try out their new Lemon Citronella line, starting with the candle made with all-natural oils.

Unlike most cloying Citronella products, this has a fresh lemon zesty smell with a faint Citronella scent, which we love to light even when mosquitoes aren’t an issue. Bug repellant and luxury candle in one. $26.




Since we couldn’t find any bugs willing to test it, we gave our friend who loves to camp the Outdoor Incense Cones (weights much less than a candle) and he said it worked ‘brilliantly,’ giving them a ‘no-bite zone’ around their tents. You light the little cone on the metal top which inside has a wooden place to hold it. $30 for 30 cones.



There’s also a spray which we’ve spritz on just because we like the smell. Shhhh…don’t tell the bugs. ($26.)