One of the perks of this job is getting fun stuff to review, like this LuuF ‘ultimate cooling pillow.

But we wondered if it was worth $189?



Promising the ‘best night’s sleep’ with the ‘Omni-phase cooling technology’ we tried it for a week (about the time it takes us to break in a new pillow.)


  • memory foam was comfy and supportive. Better than any Tempurpedic.
  • it works for all sleepy positions, back, side or stomach.
  • It DID keep us cool. (Every side is the ‘cool’ side.)
  • It comes with a Tencel mesh washable cover.
  • Five-year Warranty.



  • The $175. price tag.


Considering how much time we spend sleeping, the Luuf pillow is definitely a worthwhile expense. Consider us sold.

Now we can’t wait for summer!