Walking into Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica is like stepping straight into a Sci-fi movie. To the left of the gleaming front desk is a row of chairs with IV hook-ups, where you can get a quick vitamin infusion. Behind the desk, in a glassed-off room, sits a gently gyrating pod. Think The Matrix meets Cocoon. Turns out the space age apparatus is a Virtual Float Tank, which lets you experience sensory deprivation without getting wet. 

Bulletproof Labs — the newest offering from the company that got everyone from Ed Sheeran to Shailene Woodley putting butter in their coffee — is best described as the gym of the future. A place where you can train your body and your mind, all in less time than it takes to grab lunch. But they don’t call it working out. They call it bio-hacking — or using science to become superhuman. 

Bulletproof Announces Opening of Bulletproof Labs, a Human Upgrade™ Center.

Interested in revving your metabolism, burning fat and boosting your mood? Try their Cryotherapy machine. Worried about osteoporosis? Boost your bone density exponentially with just ten minutes a week on the Bone Trainer.  Really want overall muscle definition but you don’t have time for consistent weightlifting? Get supercharged results on The Cheat Machine, using adaptive resistance technology it allows you to complete the equivalent of a week’s worth of weightlifting in 15 minutes. And there’s a dozen other high tech machines that promise to help you hack your way to better over-all mind and body health.

Of course, living your best life doesn’t come cheap. One session on one piece of equipment with a Biohacker Technician is generally between $25 -$100.  Some sessions are more complex and could be $200 or more depending on the technologies utilized.  

After touring the labs I opted to try out their Redcharger. At first glance, it looks exactly like a tanning bed but instead of harmful UV rays it exposes your body to red and inferred LED light. According to the scientists laying under the red light promotes muscle recovery and decreases inflammation. After just a few minutes in the Redcharger all the stress of my week melted away. It’s hard to measure any decrease in inflammation after just one session but I definitely felt relaxed and calm with elevated energy. ($50 per session)

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