If you do not know much about cannabinoid extraction, then this is not uncommon. This is an area that requires specialist knowledge and experience to conduct professionally.

The cannabinoid extraction process is one that must be completed meticulously in order to yield the best results. If any aspect of the process is compromised in some way, then this can lead to a less than perfect end product.

There are several different ways to complete cannabinoid extraction and each method has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested to learn more about this fascinating and intricate process, then you can read on to discover a basic guide!




What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are compounds that are naturally present in the Cannabis sativa plant. There are several hundred active compounds in this type of plant, but fewer than 70 of these compounds are categorized as cannabinoids.

One of the cannabinoids of interest is THC, which is responsible for the euphoric feeling that using cannabis provides. Another notable cannabinoid is CBD, which is not psychoactive like THC, but does potentially have a number of medicinal uses.


Why Extract Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant to be used in a wide range of different products. Therefore, in order to manufacture these products, these compounds must be consistently available.

The end goal of this process is to manufacture a high concentration of cannabinoids. This can then be used in any number of ways, depending on the purpose of the product in question.


Methods of Extraction

Among the most popular methods for this kind of extraction are through the use of:

· Solvents

· Olive oil

· Steam distillation

· CO2

· Liquid hydrocarbon

There is a wide range of different machines and tools that can be utilized for these extraction processes. It is important to use high-quality equipment, such as that available from PDX GOLD.




Common Uses for Cannabis Extracts

Extracted cannabinoids are most commonly known to be used for producing CBD oil. This oil has a wide range of potential medicinal uses, with a great deal of ongoing research taking place to verify these perceived benefits.

These possible areas for further exploration include:

· Reducing pain and inflammation

· Treatment of epilepsy

· Treatment of anxiety disorders ·

. Treatment for sleep disorders

· Treatment for depression

· Relief for cancer patients

· Neuro-protective benefits

· Cardiovascular health

Although research into these areas is ongoing, there are limited studies to suggest that the benefits do in fact exist. Additionally, many people have taken it upon themselves to test the veracity of the claims.











People suffering with chronic pain are among the biggest advocates of the benefits of CBD oil. Data shows that one in five people in the United States is suffering with chronic pain. Pharmaceutical painkillers can of course offer relief in many cases, but these drugs often come with a long list of side effects. This makes the potential for future pain relief that utilizes the power of CBD to be a very attractive prospect.