If you are just starting out your online slot gaming career, it can get a bit daunting to see that you have to be placing large wagers in order to see any kind of return from them. The big fish and high rollers will always say never to bet below a dollar, but you do not want to try your hand on the big slots first because you need experience – click to try new slot games.

This is where the penny and quarter slots come into play. Penny or quarter slots are terms which we created by American slot players, but penny and quarter have become ubiquitous around the world for meaning cheapest slot machine (pennies) and a bit less cheap but still cheap (quarters).

There are a lot of theories, however, going around trying to debunk the odds of both these machines to see which is better.




Penny and quarter slots explained

Some slot gamers will think that one type of wager is a literal waste and that by playing it your losses are so low but your payouts are also so low that there is no point in playing them whatsoever. It is important that you know the facts, however, so that you can go straight to the source and start winning where it really matters.

  •         Penny Slots – The lowest wager you could possibly go is on a penny slot, hence the name. There are no clear facts on the penny slots because the slot machine developers like to keep that a secret, however, you will certainly be putting in a lot of coins before you start to see and significant revenue on the penny slots if you catch our drift! They are good for getting a grip on the gameplay of slot machines, but your return will not be adequate.
  •         Quarter Slots – Players might graduate from the penny slots and make their way over to the quarter slots before finally taking retirement in the dollar slots. But, quarter slots seem to be renowned for dealing with a similar size wager as the penny slots, yet their payouts and jackpots seem to be worth it. Not only do you not have to slave away at sticking hundreds of pennies in a machine, but the volatility is lower and so you can actually start earning!

Penny or quarter slots: which is better?

If you are still on the fence and will not budge about what is better between the penny and quarter slots then we suggest that you take a quick glance at our comparison table and make up your own mind:

Penny Slots Quarter Slots
You do not need to get out of pocket by spending heaps of cash Costs a little more but the returns are far sweeter
Good for getting used to the style of slot games Better for the more advanced player who wants to step their gaming up a notch
Great for beginners who have never played on a slot machine before Odds are better than in penny slots so there will be more wins